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Hey people, have you ever received constant comments on a "Deidara dating sim game" PREVIEW, and felt really guilty about not finishing? So you decide to open flash and continue working on it? 

And you make lots of progress and you're super happy because soon enough it will be published for everyone to play, 



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Hellooo! (。・ω・。)

I'm Pany-chaan, (Or just Pany!) a pretty random girl from Sweden, spending my days studying Media & Aesthetics!
I write and draw for fun, as a hobby. So please don't expect too much!

Also, I'm very busy with school, so I can't update my shit very often. Of course, updates show up a lot more frequently during my summer and winter breaks. So don't worry, me and my art will never die completely.

My first language is NOT English! I'm still learning. So if you find many flaws in my English language, you'll have to excuse me...

Sasodei/Deisaso is my one and only OTP, but I like Hidaita and the usual Akatsuki pairings too. Games, books, anime and art have always been a big part of my life.

I don't usually take REQUESTS, but feel free to request me anyways! Write a PM or something, doesn't matter where. If I like them, I might sit down and write/draw them for you! c:

I love all of my watchers. Without you guys, my creations would have no meaning. I appreciate each fav and comment incredibly much, even if it takes me ages to answer you guys sometimes. I'm really thankful for everything. You can make my day better in a heartbeat, thank you.


City suit Deidara by Pany-chaan
City suit Deidara
Just something I threw together for a roleplay I'm writing with a friend right now! We all know I can't draw hands, or Deidara, or anything else, so don't judge plz

No but seriously it's not one of my best works haha xD But hope you like it anyways! :heart:
Sometimes you could just find yourself in such an embarrassing or terrible situation that you just didn't even want to exist anymore. Right now was one of those situations, actually. Sasori felt embarrassed. Not because he himself had done anything wrong. It was his partner. Making him want to disappear. He didn't want to deal with this anymore. He never asked for this.

He didn't understand what Deidara was doing. Sure, he could be an idiot at times, argue and object against pretty much everything Sasori might have to say. But this was a whole new level of stupidity. The redhead could just feel the anger from these past weeks building up inside of him…

It was hard not to give Deidara his coldest and most disappointed look after everything. After he had actually talked to Pain about the mission. About postponing it at least one day, so his partner would have one more day to heal. Sure, they had had a fight, and he might have told the blonde that he was a useless partner and ninja, and that he would be better off without his help. But Sasori was a realist, unlike the younger male. He knew that the mission, most missions actually, would only go smoothly and fast with the bomber's help. With their teamwork. So despite everything he had said about wanting to work alone and hoping Pain would go harder on the blonde, he had asked their leader to give him an extra day to heal.

He still didn't want to treat Deidara's wounds and help him, but he had actually been able to swallow his pride for once. Tell the leader about their argument. That Sasori had been the one to beat him up and make him end up with a fever and probably a few broken ribs. He had sacrificed some of his pride for his idiotic partner, hoping that the next day the blonde would actually be happy, if even a little bit… Happy enough to stop fucking arguing about every single little thing. Or at least not want him dead.

But of course Deidara had to be an utter disappointment, as always. This time, more that ever before. He comes back from the leaders room to go check on his partner to see if he was still unconscious, and ends up hearing the blonde arguing with Hidan in the kitchen…

How was he supposed to feel about that? How was he not supposed to feel embarrassment about the situation?

When he stepped into the kitchen and saw Hidan and Deidara having some sort of brawl going on. Didn't Deidara just faint, like half an hour ago? Didn't he have a really bad fever? Wasn't he seriously hurt? What the hell was he wearing? Why was he messing around like this? If he was healthy enough to bother Hidan and the other members, he sure as hell was healthy enough to go on a mission. He couldn't believe it, how could someone be so irresponsible? 19 or not, he was a fucking adult. He was part or the Akatsuki organization, and he had been that since years before now. Yet he was messing around like this… And he dared to look at him like that after having puked on the floor, right in front of him? Of course he would puke if he had a fever and got out of bed to argue with Hidan about some worthless bullshit.

He had no right to look at him like that. He had absolutely no right to call him Danna like that. Not after what he had done. Not after he had said it in that sarcastic tone to him, the day before. Not after he had humiliated him like this. Not after how he had behaved. How he had made his life turn out. Even if he had never really been at peace with the world, or himself, Deidara was making life 10 times as hard to live. Without going crazy, that is.

There had been times when he had felt like the blonde wasn't all that bad after all. Sometimes it felt like he was bearable. Sometimes… Rarely, it even felt like he could be quite useful and maybe a little bit more intelligent than the others. A little bit.

But lately the blonde had just proved Sasori's assumptions wrong. He wasn't bearable. He was anything but bearable. And to be honest, Sasori just felt like he wanted to get rid of him. He wanted him dead. He just wanted him out of the picture completely. Dead. It wasn't like they hadn't tried to kill each other before, but this time he honestly just wanted him dead. For real. He was done. He had been shockingly nice under the circumstances, but it was all over now. He was done with this, he lost his patience with the other completely.

Sasori didn't even say anything. He grabbed his partner's hair and forced him up from the floor. The other's of course finding the situation hilarious. To Deidara, it was all just confusing, and making his head spin. There were so many questions he wanted to ask… About his friends, or what he might have called friends outside of this dream… This nightmare. It was definitely a nightmare, not a dream. And this became pretty clear to him the second Sasori looked at him like that. With cold eyes that were everything but familiar to him.

"Danna, wait, what are you… Aah…" The younger man held his head, clearly in pain. But Sasori didn't care, or mind, and as soon as he had pulled Deidara up from the floor, he pushed him out of the kitchen and out to the hall. Ignoring whatever the other might have to say. "My head really… Hurts, please, don't be so harsh… What did I do wrong? Why did you cut his… Head, I-I…"

Clearly Deidara was on the edge of fainting. And he soon did, just making the job easier for Sasori. What was the job? The job was to get rid of him, once and for all… But not here. He couldn't do it here.

The anger was filling him more and more but the puppeteer made sure not to show the slightest a hint of what he was feeling inside. His anger just turned him colder on the outside, he never actually showed it. Couldn't quite find the right words to yell at his partner. He didn't know if it was even possible to describe how furious he was right now. That Deidara would actually behave like this…

Carrying the blonde to Sasori's own room, he dumped him on the floor, against a wall free from puppets or any supplies. It would be pretty much painless if Deidara was unconscious like this. But that wouldn't be any fun now, would it? The best way to let him go was by using poison. Slow, painful, a pure torture… An artistic death.

The redhead backed away from his partner a bit, trying to think of how he should do this. The consequence was Sasori himself getting killed. But it was okay. He would leave. He could leave and if they still tried to catch him he would just kill them all. That's how he got rid of all big problems, after all. Why solve a problem when you could just get rid of it… Yeah…

Grabbing a kunai form the desk behind him, he frowned a bit as he walked up to his partner, kneeling down to to other's level of height, where he was resting against the cold wall in a sitting position. It would be quick and silent. Just a cut against his neck with the clean, sharp blade, and it would be over with. He didn't have time to make art out of this. And besides, Deidara didn't deserve a beautiful death like that anyways.

As he brought the weapon closer to his partner's neck, mind completely numbed by the feelings of anger and disappointment that he was experiencing, he took a second to have a good look at the other's unconscious form. He should kill him, and turn him into a puppet. Deidara would be a waste to just kill. It wasn't that the other would be a piece of art visually, but his unique battle technique could prove to be really useful and handy, especially for long ranged battles. And he…

His thoughts had started of as relevant, thinking of an effective way to use Deidara's body after actually killing him. Still not really realizing what he was really thinking. That he was actually trying to kill his partner. Out of anger. Something he'd definitely regret, but not realize it before it was too late. Blinded. His thoughts had continued, driven by anger and hate.

But he soon found himself side-tracking… From thinking about a way of using the other's fighting skills and body, to just... Looking at him. Sasori didn't usually think before killing someone, but this time he felt a bit fascinated. He was in front of his partner. Someone he had been working with for many years now. Someone he had worked really well with but at the same time hated more than anyone. Someone he had shared deep conversations and debates with, and later had huge fights and arguments with. He was actually trying to kill this person.

Something about him felt different. Or maybe it was because Sasori had never been so close to the other before. At least not without glaring at him or yelling at him. His skin seemed unusually clean for a mere human… Sasori mouth opened slightly in speechlessness as he brought his hand up to the other mans cheek. He couldn't feel him though. So trying to feel if the skin was as lean as it looked was pretty useless.

His thoughts continued as he looked down on his partner's body instead. Or to be more specific, his clothes. What in heaven's name was he wearing? He had never seen anything like it. He hadn't had the chance or interest to question it before, but now that everything was silent he was feeling quite confused by the odd outfit. A green and white T-shirt, dirtied by the blood from the wound that Hidan put on him. Why would he pick a fight with Hidan when he was in such a bad shape?

For a second the rage and thoughts about killing the other were switched out by confusion and questions. The redhead decided to have a little look at the wounds created by Hidan, grabbing the bottom of Deidara's shirt and pulling it up. It didn't look all that bad… It wasn't deep, Deidara could handle it, he had a good tolerance when it came to pain. Sasori kept his eyes on the blonde's chest for a while… Until he realized something.

Something was… Different.

After a few seconds, his mouth opened even more in pure shock, his eyes widening. Where were the stitches? The mouth on his chest… Why was there no mouth on his chest?

Starting to feel himself panic a bit when he couldn't find a logical explanation to why Deidara didn't have a mouth on his chest, he quickly took the blonde's hand and took a look at his palm. But there was no mouth there either. And his other hand was mouth-free as well. Nothing. He just had normal hands. Cold and dirty with the blood from his chest.

"What…" Sasori mumbled to himself in pure shock and confusion, and for what seemed like the first time ever he felt completely paralyzed. He couldn't even question this. He was too confused to question why this was happening. Or how. Or when.

What the hell was going on with his partner?

Still staring at the other like he was some sort of monster, he noticed the blonde man stirring a bit, making a slightly pained grimace with his face. The blonde groaned a bit, before trying to open his eyes… He coughed as soon as his eyes were finally open, before looking at the redhead right in front of him.

"Aah… Danna? Am I finally awake? I… hope I am, that was a terrible dream…" Deidara seemed to still be in pain, and closed his eyes, not leaning his head away from the wall. "Some sort of crazy dark fantasy world where everyone were maniacs…"

"Dream…?" Sasori questioned in a mere mumble, still staring at the other in confusion and shock. The thought of killing him or how the other had been behaving vanished completely. All he wanted to know right now was how this was even possible. Maybe he was the one dreaming here. "What dream? Deidara, did you hit your head or something?"

"Actually, now that you mention it… My head hurts so much… And my… Chest hurts too… Shoulder… I-I don't know why… Oh, right, Hidan wasn't… He wasn't my friend in the dream, he… Am I still dreaming…?"

"… You're not dreaming." Sasori stood up, feeling quite speechless. A dream? Why was Deidara talking about dreams? He should be more concerned about… Well… "Your hands, Deidara… Have you… Done something…?"

"No, my hands are okay, they don't hurt..." It seemed like he was only half awake. Sasori was starting to feel irritated again. Maybe it was because Deidara wasn't focusing and giving him the answers and explanation he craved… And maybe it was just because of hearing Deidara's voice again, reminding him of what had happened. Reminding him of how he sounded. When arguing, nagging, provoking, complaining... Making fun of him. "Not dreaming…? So I'm awake then… But then… Why does it… Hurt so much… A-aah, Danna, please, help me… I-" The young man coughed again, this time coughing up some blood. Still not opening his eyes. He seemed to be numb from all the pain, which was weird because he… Deidara never sounded like this… So helpless… He would always talk about how he would be fine and how it didn't hurt at all. What happened? What happened to Deidara? His partner. Not this… This person.

This person was not his partner.

"Can't you do something, Danna? Anything? P-please… It hurts so much. Please wake me up… Please… I don't like this dream. I don't like this place. I don't like… This Sasori. I want the real you back, I… I… Please hold me, kiss me, anything, just wake me up, make it stop…"

… This was not Deidara.
Want You Gone CH 10 Sasodei ff

I'm sorry for the long wait! I've been through some dramatic bullshit lately and been giving me the worst writersblock ever. I hope a slightly longer chapter than usual makes up for it! I'll try to keep the updates coming frequently again, from now on.

Hope you're all still alive and doing good! Thanks for all the reviews here and comments on deviantArt, it really makes me happy.

Always makes me happy to see that people are still as crazy about this pairing as I am haha, hugs to you all, I'll see you next time!

WANT YOU GONE – Chapter 9

Sometimes you could just find yourself in such an embarrassing or terrible situation that you just didn't even want to exist anymore. Sasori had never found himself in the opposite situation though. You know, when you were in an important situation and you just wanted to do something. You didn't want to disappear, you wanted to act. Question. Understand.

By now he was totally lost on this case. He didn't know what was happening anymore. And he couldn't do a thing about it. He could only stare in surprise.

As soon as he had reached down and given Deidara a casual kiss, he had received a really forceful punch to his stomach. His blonde lover had gotten up from the couch before kicking him into the coffee table, making the papers with their designs fly all over the room. And the table breaking, of course, but that wasn't as important as their designs. “Deidara?” Rather than anger, Sasori looked up at the blonde in pure confusion and shock. What was he doing? Since when had he been this aggressive? Had Sasori done anything to anger him? And... Where did he learn to kick so hard?

“What's... Wrong?” His question melted away as he got a good view of Deidara's face. He had blood dripping down his face and he looked absolutely furious.

Biting his lip, Deidara looked away from his partner. He was acting ridiculous, this was just a dream. There was no need to feel so... Embarrassed. Humiliated. Surprised. Deidara didn't even know how he felt about this. Why was he dreaming about something like this? This was the worst thing he could possibly ever dream of. And why wasn't Sasori defending himself? Punching back? “Did you hit your head, un?!”

“I could ask you the same...” Getting up from the table, Sasori coughed a bit as he brushed himself off. “What are you doing anyways! Over-reacting like that...” He tried to keep his annoyance inside and just talk with Deidara calmly. He still did not understand why he was acting like this. And even less did he understand what the hell he was wearing. “Is this some kind of roleplay? Did I make you mad? If there's anything wrong we can just talk about it.”

It felt so weird to hear the Sasori in his dream talk like that. 'We can just talk' it was as if he had longed for him, for anyone, to say that. Maybe he was a bit sick of all the violence, and the arguing. “... Why did you kiss me?! What kind of dream is this!” Feeling ultimately frustrated, Deidara backed into a wall and decided to lean against it, try to relax and take a deep breath. He needed to calm down... It was just a dream, just a dream... Just-

“Dream? Well to me it looks like you're fully awake.”

“Of course you'd say that. You're part of my dream.”

“I'm flattered to hear that but you are awake, sadly. Right here, in our apartment, in Tokyo, in Japan, Asia. Sorry to disappoint you. Now will you please drop the whole acting thing? It's not as fun as you think it is...”

There was a window right next to the wall Deidara was leaning against. And when Sasori started to talk about his location, Deidara felt really confused. He turned over to look out the window, noticing that they were a high way up in the sky... Down below him he could see... Light. It was like looking down at a night sky, except a lot of the little lights, the ones that looked like stars... They were moving around really fast. “What?” Apartment, Tokyo, Japan, Asia. He didn't understand... Why would a dream include so much detail? It all felt so weird. He didn't feel like he was dreaming at all, to be honest. All his senses seemed to be working perfectly, he could see every little detail around him and he felt like the only thing he was in charge of here was himself. “I'm... Not dreaming?”

“Of course not.” The redhead seemed to be smiling again, which was really creeping Deidara out by now. He had extremely mixed feeling about this, and he was still trying to figure out why this was happening to him. “Yes I am.” He mumbled, looking away from Sasori and out the window again. “This is my dream.”

“You're kind of starting to creep me out, Deidara.” After he had said that, Sasori quickly received a really annoyed look from his lover. All right, he seemed to be in a very weird mood tonight. Maybe he readdy did his head... Oh, that's right, he had been bleeding. That idiot. “Let me have a look at your head, Deidara, you were bleeding.”

The said blonde who was busy trying to think about everything that was happening to him, suddenly came to think of a whole different thing. He remembered now... He fell down. From his bed. Last time he opened his eyes he had seen the cold floor, and then... Why was he here now? Was he having a concussion? Maybe you had dreams like this after you hit your head so hard. But then again, why was he bleeding from his head in his dream too? And why was everything... Everything he was wearing, and everything he felt before he fell asleep... It was all the same, to the last detail... He felt really freaked out, the feeling of the whole situation was disgusting it.

“No. This is my dream, so I'm the one controlling it! You're not touching me anymore!” Once again surprised at Deidara's sudden actions and pointless words, Sasori couldn't help but let his annoyance out this time. “Deidara! Don't be an idiot, stop what your doing, change into some normal clothes and just let me check your head for fucks sa-...”

He couldn't really say much more than that. Before he knew it, he had a hand in front of his face. Deidara's hand, to be more specific. Or, well, he had thought it had been Deidara's hand, until he noticed there was something... Inside of his palm. Literally inside of it. A tongue. A mouth. A mouth on his palm. It felt like he couldn't breathe for a second there. What was that... Was he the one dreaming?

“Just be quiet.” Deidara ordered, as if the redhead was some sort of slave of his. It didn't seem like the redhead was quite as violent in this dream as he was in reality. But it was okay. He could stay here, while Deidara enjoyed his dream until he woke up from his concussion. “I'm leaving, hmm!” Reaching to get some clay from his pocket, Deidara quickly formed a bird with it. He made the right hand seals, and waited for the bird to expand, but it stayed as small as it was before he made the hand seals. “... Why is the jutsu not working?” He muttered to himself, feeling more and more frustration building up. And it didn't help that Sasori was just gawking at him like that. “What are you staring at!? Leave me be!” He couldn't do this, not here. Not with that idiot around.

With determined, furious steps, Deidara walked over to the front door and got out of the stupid place. Sasori was still... Staring at the spot where Deidara had been standing. Or... He had resembled Deidara. But that was... Not his Deidara. He didn't even know if that thing was human. He didn't understand what was going on at all.
Big Brother Deidara by Pany-chaan
Big Brother Deidara
kay so I was working on some answers for the Saso & Dei askblog and I kind of liked this question so I decided to make a more detailed drawing. And, I mean, damn. This made me realize how fucking adorable Deidara would be as an older brother. I want him to be my older brother. 

Can't you just imagine having a kind of crazy old brother who usually is pretty mean to everyone besides you and treats you like his most valuable treasure ever? Omg cuteness overload 
WANT YOU GONE – Chapter 8

The couch... Since when had it felt so... so fucking uncomfortable...

Deidara brought his hand up to his aching head, without making any effort to open his eyes. It hurt, everything hurt, and he felt like someone had just hit his head hard enough to send it through space. What just happened?

Gritting his teeth he felt the pain intensify all of a sudden, as he tried to remember. Maybe he shouldn't think too hard for now. The last thing he remembered was... Talking to Sasori? Taking a nap? He wasn't sure. But this couldn't be their couch. If their couch was this damn hard he wouldn't sit on it.

With a small groan he opened his eyes, trying to see something. It was so dark... As far as he remembered he had left the lights on as he fell asleep. Sitting up, Deidara's blue eyes soon got used to the dark, and he noticed a very interesting fact. This was not the living-room he had fallen asleep in. This was... This was...

“This is not happening.” He mumbled to himself as he quickly got up from the... Bed?! Well, it looked like one. And the walls... The floor, the ceiling, it all seemed to be made out of stone. Was he in a fucking cave? Had he been kidnapped? Oh god, he did not know how to handle situations like these. He did not kno- HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, WHAT WAS GOING ON, WHAT WAS-

His thoughts of panic were suddenly cut off by the next object his eyes had found in the darkness. With silent and scared steps, Deidara walked towards what seemed to be a chair, having a... Familiar cloak resting on it. He picked it up and examined it. Black, with white-lined red clouds. It was as if he had seen it before. In a dream or something. Perhaps he was dreaming? He put the cloak down and shook his head, chuckling a bit as he felt the terror leave him. Of course he was dreaming. He sure could be silly sometimes. Kidnapped? He lived in the most peaceful apartment ever. Well, as peaceful as it could get when you lived in the central area. Besides, what kind of kidnapper would keep him in a cave? And also... The door seemed to be open.

As always, Deidara let his curiosity get the best of him. He decided that it was okay to be curious in a dream though, and it didn't seem like there was a Sasori in this dream who would try to stop him. Really now, what could possibly happen in a dream? Even if he remembered the dream to be kind of scary, it seemed different now. So he decided to exit the cold room, and wasn't exactly surprised when he ended up in an even colder hallway. The hallway seemed to be lit by torches though, and Deidara silently made his way through. It was dead silent, and he had to keep reminding himself that it was all a dream. Even if the whole experience was creepy as shit, there was no reason to be scared.

Just as it felt like the narrow hallway would never end, he heard the sound of laughter from one of the doors before him. He quickly ran over, his expression turning into a confused one as he listened closer to the voices. They all sounded familiar...

The room he stepped into was lit up by lamps stuck to the ceiling. Finally, he could see something. He could see... Who were these people? All wearing those cloaks. This was indeed a weird dream. Like, he knew he was the greatest artist alive with the best imagination to be found. But this was... Really unique.

“Deidara-chan!” The people in the room had stopped talking, and one of them got up from their seat around the round table they were sitting at. They seemed to be playing cards. And the man who got up, calling his name like that was none other than one of his best pals, Hidan. Oh, thank god, someone to hang out with in the dream. Perhaps he could stay with him until it ended. “Hey, man, I've told you to stop calling me that, hmm!”

Hidan rose a brow and walked up to the blonde, looking at him as if he was an alien or something. What the actual fuck was he wearing? “... You look ridiculous, shithead.” Like his hair wasn't enough. Deidara might have muscles and a masculine face and body but if he was going to wear those clothes, he was going to get another nickname.  

“What?! What makes you say that?” Frowning angrily, Deidara pushed Hidan away with some force. The way he'd always do when Hidan was being an idiot. And Hidan would of course do the same to him. A little bit more violently, but still, it was a homey thing. “You're not the one to speak, moron.”

The room went silent for a while, and Deidara was going to throw another provoking comment when he suddenly noticed Hidan grabbing one of the knives from the countertop. Only then, Deidara realized they were in a kitchen. And just as he was distracted thinking about that, Hidan cut his shoulder with the knife, a disturbing laughter leaving his mouth. “What is it, Deidara? You're picking a fight with me, inside?” Deidara just stared, eyes wide as Hidan brought the knife to his lips, licking off the blood. His body suddenly turned black with some sort of... White skeleton shapes on it. Okay, yeah, this dream definitely had a Halloween theme to it.

Hissing in pain, Deidara looked at red color of blood spreading under his white and green T-shirt. Why did it hurt so much? It felt so real, it was hard to believe it was all an illusion. Hopefully he'd wake up soon, this Hidan seemed to be... Weirder than the Hidan he was used to. “What the hell do you think you're doing, you asshole?!” He stared at the other in both anger and shock. And that was when Hidan suddenly let the knife touch the skin of his chest. His cloak seemed to be ripped and Deidara watched in fear as the Jashinist started pushing the knife deeper, until it pierced through the skin, only slightly.

“Hidan, wait, stop-! AAH!” A spark of pain suddenly appeared on his own chest, and Deidara quickly pushed his hand against it. As soon as he looked down, he noticed blood starting to cover more and more of his shirt, as Hidan pushed deeper and deeper. What... What kind of dream was this? He wanted to get out. He wanted to wake up, right now.

A loud cry left him and Hidan stopped. In fact, the other people watching stopped talking as well. As if Deidara and Hidan had been doing something casual, and they hadn't even cared to look their way until Deidara screamed. They were all quiet for a while, until some of them chuckled or smirked. Their expressions matching Hidan's. It seemed... Evil, almost. “What is it, Deidara? You look like you've seen a ghost!” His laughter mixed in with the rest of the members, and Deidara wasn't able to say anything before he started talking again. “Then again, if you ever got lucky enough to see one of those, you'd probably just blow them up, wouldn't you?”

Now he was completely lost. He did definitely not know what Hidan was trying to say. And he did not understand why he was dreaming about something so weird. It was all like a horror movie. A nightmare. A really confusing one. He kept staring at Hidan, before looking towards the round table. Wasn't that Kisame? Itachi? Zetsu? Kakuzu? All of his friends? “Hey, guys, what is he doing...” They didn't seem to be in a normal state either but maybe they'd help him. Kakuzu was the one to answer him. “Yeah. As amusing as this is, if you want to kill each other, do it outside. I'm not having a long-range fighter sparring with the maniac inside. You've already detonated enough bombs indoors.”


Coughing, Deidara gritted his teeth at the pain. He had never experienced anything like this. This kind of dream, this kind of pain, this kind of situation where no body seemed to be friendly or rational at all. In situations like these, there was just one person he'd want to see. His only light during dark times... Come on, this was Deidara's dream after all! If he wished hard enough, he should be able to make Sasori enter the dream!

Closing his eyes, he tried to focus. And before he knew it... “What is going on here?” That beautiful voice filled his ears. He opened his eyes, and indeed, there he- … Was?

He was met with a cold glare. Ice cold. A blank expression. An emotionless tone. And a much shorter man than he was used to seeing. And for some reason... A lot younger. “Danna?”

“Danna...?” The empty tone switched into one filled with anger, “Is that all you have to say?” and Deidara would have been feeling kind of scared if it hadn't been his lover. He was suddenly distracted by Hidan who had started laughing out loud, “THESE TWO, OH JASHIN THEY MAKE THE BEST SITUATIONS, I LOVE IT-”

But the Jashinist was soon silenced by the redhead, who grabbed the sharp kitchen knife he was holding, and cut his head off.

… Wait. Wait, hold on. Did he just... Cut Hidan's head off?

As soon as Hidan's maniacal laughter filled his ears again, and the other people started to chuckle, Deidara felt his knees go weak. His head turned cold and he knew he was pale. He needed to throw up. There was so much blood and there were so many things wrong. He could smell it, feel it, hear it... His eyes fell on the Jashinist's head that still seemed to be moving. And that was it. He threw up right in front of his lover, who seemed to be watching him with pure despise in his eyes.
Want You Gone CH 8 Sasodei ff
And so, it all begins......... :iconyoucardplz:

I will be away until next Sunday! So no chapter updates till then! But I might upload a picture of my cosplays if I find the time haha ,seeya later and hope you enjoyed!

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